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Egg Donor Interview & Counselling

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All of CentraLIVF donors undergo in-depth interviews to gain full understanding of the following:

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Extended family medical

history (parents, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles,

aunts, first cousins)

Own medical history
(including allergies, 


Alcohol consumption, 

use of illegal substances 

and smoking (donor and

 family members)

Gynecological history

(including previous 

donations and 


Children’s health and development

Psychological profile and practical issues linked with donation

Education, grades, 


profession, special talents 

and interests

Phenotype of donor, 

her parents and siblings 

(eye colour, hair colour and 

texture, skin colour, 

height, weight)

Donor’s family origins 

and genealogy, race, body 

type, religion, vocational dispositions

The Benefits of Counselling For Egg Donation​

Benefits For The Egg Donor

Our egg donors benefit from counseling in many ways. The decision to donate genetic material is not one that should be made lightly or in a hurry. Our counsellors ensure that our donors know exactly what they are getting into and can make the decision with fully informed consent.

Benefits For
The Recipient

Having counselling in place means that our recipients will never have to worry about whether their donor had to donate quickly or in a way that they will later come to regret. This vital step is necessary to ensure a positive journey for everyone involved.

Benefits For Donor- Conceived Children

Counselling assists recipients to prepare for becoming a parent to a donor conceived children. The Counsellor will provide a safe compassionate environment for recipients to express and process their feelings of grief related to their infertility, and prepare for the possible challenges of parenting of a non-genetic child. The counselling sessions will also touch on the question of telling the child about their origins and identity when they’ve reached a certain age. In this way, prospective parents are provided the best possible start to family life that CentraLIVF can offer.

Welcoming Identity

CentraLIVF confidently supports the practice of releasing the stored identity of the donor and making it available to the donor offspring at an appropriate time, normally once they are adults. We regard expert counselling as vital to the implementation and success, as thoroughly investigating the issues involved during counselling may convince a donor to not be fearful of identity disclosure and come to the realization that this progressive practice is in the best interests of all parties, particularly the child.

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What are their qualifications and experience?

Legal regulations mandate that Australian donor counsellors have formal tertiary qualifications in psychology or social work from recognised universities (normally Australian universities).

Australian donor counsellors are also required to have a minimum of two years of supervised post-graduate counselling experience and to be currently employed by an accredited fertility clinic. Furthermore, donor counsellors must be full professional members of the Fertility Society of Australia.

Additionally, all donor counsellors must be eligible for membership in their professional associations, either the Australian Psychological Society or the Australian Association of Social Workers.

What is their continuing education?

In Australia, donor counsellors are required to regularly refresh their professional skills through professional development and training. In addition, donor counsellors take part in ongoing in-service training at their clinics, ensuring that they remain up-to-date with all developments in the ART field.

What are their personal qualities?

CentraLIVF’s donor counsellors are warm, compassionate, and empathic with well-rounded practical skills. Our counsellors have vast experience working with couples and individuals undergoing donor treatments.

A CentraLIVF donor counsellor will be thoroughly trained and experienced in counselling with an interpreter and be comfortable working not only face-to-face but also over Skype, phone, and email.

Want to know more about our innovative counselling model?

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