Egg Donation FAQ: Comparing Fertility Clinics

Presented below is our egg donation FAQ – a list of the most common questions that will hopefully answer your questions.

What makes your donor screening process so unique?

CentraLIVF team personally recruits and screens egg donors from Ukraine, while adhering to the guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and our own institutional ethics board. Donors will become available to donate only after their screening has been fully completed and they have been formally designated as eligible. Our rigorous screening process includes a full review of medical history. physical examination, genetic and mental health screening, and testing for infectious diseases.

Our multidisciplinary donor screening team includes a physician, a psychologist/counsellor, and a genetic counsellor, who is deeply involved in the screening and matching process. We believe that this enables us to identify any potential issues with our donors and address them properly. This approach that CentraLIVF adopted when it comes to donor selection is part of our commitment to the highest quality control.

How many of the donors have proven fertility?

Most of our donors are fertility proven, meaning they have had at least one successful pregnancy and live birth of their own.

What is CentraLIVF’s average wait time to match me with an egg donor?

Donor matches at CentraLIVF are immediate, with absolutely no waiting time.

How does a treatment with frozen donor eggs work?

Since you are using our frozen donor eggs, there is no delay in starting your treatment once the frozen eggs are shipped, they will be available at our clinic ready for use. There is no need to synchronise the cycle of the egg donor and the recipient.

Can I use your frozen donor eggs at any clinic?

CentraLIVF can send the donor’s frozen eggs to any of our fertility partners clinics.

Can I meet the egg donor?

The egg donor will remain anonymous to the recipients for the duration of the process. Any child conceived by the egg donation process can request information about the donor after they reach a certain age according to the state the treatment was at.

What information can you tell me about my egg donor?

We can share with you non-identifiable information about the egg donor, such as the age, colour of eyes and hair, weight, height, nationality, skin complexion, basic medical history, occupation, and education. Donor’s photos will be provided in accordance with your fertility clinic’s state regulations.

Will the egg donor have any legal rights to my child?

The egg donor is not considered the parent of the child; thus, they have no legal or financial responsibility to the child.

Does blood type matter with donor eggs?

The donor’s blood type does not have any impact on the IVF cycle nor should it be used as a considering factor when you are selecting an egg donor. You may still wish to consult with your fertility specialist.

What does it mean if a donor is a carrier of a genetic condition?

Genetic carriers have a change, known as a mutation, in a specific gene, which means they have inherited a recessive allele. Practically everyone has at least one genetic disease (mutation) that causes no obvious symptoms and is therefore fairly common to test positive. When two people who have the same genetic disease have children together, their children may inherit two mutations and have the disease.

How do I choose an egg donor?

Choosing an egg donor is an emotional decision for intended parents, so our first and best advice is to take your time. Most intended parents are looking for a donor who is generally physically a good fit for their overall family profile, but they do take into consideration a variety of personal factors. Regardless of what options you have, we can help you narrow them down. In most cases, you will be able to check in to our portal for available donors according to your desired characteristics.

Does the clinic guarantee a minimum number of eggs?

CentraLIVF doesn’t only guarantee a number of viable eggs. We actually guarantee the number of good-quality embryos you will receive during your egg donation treatment cycle.


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How do you transport the donor eggs to Australia?

Our on-board courier service is the most secure method for transporting frozen eggs across borders. Your cryopreserved materials are handled with great care by our dedicated courier during the transportation process.

They are hand-carried by professionals and do not undergo x-ray scans, ensuring optimal conditions. Shipments are being monitored continuously.

What are the success rates of using frozen donor eggs?

CentraLIVF is proud to be providing frozen donor eggs across Australia to the patients in our fertility clinic and our partner fertility treatment clinics. We have a 96% thaw survival rate for our frozen eggs and 72% rate of fertilisation.


Our Success Rates

Have questions that are not listed above? Contact us to find out more about our egg donation programme.

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