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The Company

Central Egg Bank (CEB) is the donor egg bank company of parent company CentralIVF.

CEB is dedicated to putting Australian patients first. We are mindful of the reasons people seek fertility treatment, and we offer egg donation programs tailored to suit each individual patient’s needs.
We are here to guide you through your egg donation treatment every step of the way.

We are proud to be able to offer donor egg programs that allow you to stay in Australia whilst accessing a no wait list premium egg donation program.

8 Reasons To Get Your Donor Eggs with CEB

Sucess Rates

We are one of the most experienced egg donation programs in Australia, with proven high pregnancy success rates

BIG Heart

We care deeply about our recipient who require egg donation to start their family. Whatever your journey and reasons may be, we want you to know that your success and smooth experience during the process is important for us. Our goal is to provide an excellent service – with compassion in mind!

World-Class Care

We are one of the most experienced egg donation programs in Australia, with proven high pregnancy success rates


Our team of fertility specialists is considered to be leaders in the area of reproductive medicine and is among the most experienced in the field.

Embryos Guarantee

Not just eggs. For your peace of mind, all of our treatment programs come with notable embryo creation guarantees.


Cost-effective treatment options with exceptional success rates and no hidden fees.

No Waiting Lists

We have a wide pool of donors who are readily available at anytime, so you can start the process and find a suitable donor right away!

Transporting Safely

Our donor eggs are handled with personal care during the transportation process. They are hand-carried by professionals and do not undergo x-ray scans, ensuring optimal conditions.

The Team

Find Comfort In Expertise & Experience

Dr. Shlomi Barak


Dr. Shlomi Barak, former Melbourne fertility specialist, founder, and medical director of CentraLIVF. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FRANZCOG). Dr. Barak’s research interests include oocyte activation in severe male infertility and advanced sperm selection techniques in ART and low-dose ovarian stimulation in diminished ovarian reserve patients.

Avner Gamliel


I am Avner Gamliel, and I am the CEO and founder of CentraLIVF. I am proud to be leading a company that is focused on the health and wellbeing of both patients and donors, while also remaining compliant with Australian regulations.

Smadar Moor-Puel


I started to work at CentraL IVF from day one and took part in the company’s set up and formation. It was my first new job after a long maternity leave so it was nice to try and help others become parents. My mission was to care more than the ordinary! My vision is to continue to develop and deliver personal and exceptional service and experiences for our recipients and help them to achieve their dream. The best part of my work is to see pregnancies and live birth updates – it’s worth everything. I am here to help and support you on your journey.

Amy Morris


Since joining CentraLIVF in January 2021, I have had the privilege of helping hopeful parents achieve their dream . As the Donor Program Coordinator, it is my responsibility to not only walk them through the process but be readily available whenever a question or concern arises. For many people, this journey has been tough, but I am here to help every step of the way because I understand how important this moment is for them.

Yael Merkin-Evans


I have worked in customer service and administration for many years, but when I joined CentraLIVF in October 2021, I found a role that was far more rewarding and fulfilling. Being part of a great team that assists patients through their fertility journey and helps them achieve their dreams is an incredible feeling.

Maria Kravchenko


Since I started working at CentraLIVF in 2018, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a challenging and rewarding position. In my role, I provide care and support to donors and help guide them through the donation process to Australia. I also work closely with the patient services team to provide the best possible experience for our patients.

Yuliia Khonka


It has always been important to me that the values of the company I work for coincide with my personal values. That’s why I started working at CentraLIVF while studying for my Master’s degree in personnel management. My main mission in the company is to help people who needs the help by helping the donors who wants to help other.

Milena Nepomiashcha


When I was a student, I often wondered what sort of job would really make me happy. I would try out various odd jobs, but nothing really seemed to fit. Then, one day, I found myself at CentraLIVF. Something about the place just clicked with me. Maybe it was the feeling that I was part of something larger than myself, or the knowledge that my work here could genuinely make a difference in people’s lives.

Cat Boldison


My career as a nurse and midwife has given me extensive exposure to parents dealing with infertility and IVF. This experience sparked my interest in the field of reproductive medicine. While working in IVF, I witnessed firsthand the struggles patients face. It is crucial for me to collaborate with other dedicated staff members to support these patients, ensuring they are always treated with kindness, dignity, and respect.