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7 questions to ask your Australian IVF clinic

So, you’ve made the brave decision to start fertility treatment. All you need is the right Australian IVF clinic to help you start your journey. By asking the right questions, you can gain valuable insight into their services, success rates, and support, which will help you choose the perfect clinic for your fertility needs.

Central Egg Bank understands the importance of making informed decisions about your fertility treatment. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of seven questions to ask your clinic.


What are the differences between IVF clinics?

IVF clinics can vary significantly in their services and approach. Understanding these differences will help you choose a clinic that meets your unique needs.

Limited-service clinics typically offer basic fertility treatments such as IVF, while full-service clinics provide a comprehensive range of services, including pre-IVF solutions, donor programs, and surrogacy. Limited-service clinics may focus solely on proceeding to IVF, while full-service clinics often offer a broader range of treatment options, allowing for a more tailored approach for each patient.

Other differences include waiting periods, the consistency of doctors, and the availability of success rate information. Limited-service and full-service clinics may also charge different prices because they offer different kinds of treatments and care.


7 questions to ask your Australian IVF clinic

Question #1: What fertility treatments do you offer?

When exploring IVF clinics, it’s important to ask about the range of treatments available to determine if they align with your specific needs and circumstances. Some common fertility treatments include:

  • Ovulation induction.
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with partner’s or donor sperm. 
  • In vitro fertilisation (IVF).
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
  • Donor Services utilising donated eggs, sperm or embryos.
  • IVF surrogacy.

Knowing all the different treatment options a clinic provides can help you choose the best one for you.

Question #2: What tests will you perform on me and my partner?

The right tests can identify potential causes of infertility and help your specialist develop an appropriate treatment plan. Make sure to inquire about the specific tests that will be conducted on you (and your partner, if you have one), as well as the implications of the results. 

Standard tests include blood tests and infectious screening for both partners. Men will need a semen analysis and other blood tests, while women will have their hormone levels and AMH tested. Some women may even need to have hysteroscopy or laparoscopy. You can talk to your doctor about any specific tests you’re interested in to determine if they will be beneficial for you as a couple.

Understanding the testing process can provide valuable insights and empower you to make informed decisions about your treatment.

Question #3: What is your success rate?

Knowing a clinic’s success rate is a good indicator of how effective its treatments are. High success rates are important, but make sure they are for patients in your age group and with similar fertility issues. Some success rates include: 

  • IVF success rates by patient age.
  • Success rates by egg source
  • Pregnancy rate per embryo transfer
  • Live births per embryo transfer 
  • Live birth per positive pregnancy result.

You can also research national average data and compare clinic success rates on YourIVFSuccess.com. This can help you decide which clinics are best for you. 

At Central Egg Bank, we pride ourselves on our high success rates using donor eggs with our partner IVF clinics in Australia. With a 96% thaw survival rate and a 72% fertilisation rate, our egg donation program is designed to optimise your chances of having a healthy, happy baby.

Question #4: How much do your treatments cost? 

The cost of IVF can vary depending on the specific treatments you require. Factors such as the number of IVF cycles, whether you need intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), or if you choose to store eggs or sperm can all influence the price. You should be informed of these costs right at the beginning of your fertility journey. Here are the out-of-pocket costs you need to consider:

  • Initial IVF cycle.
  • Subsequent IVF cycle. 
  • Initial IVF with ICSI cycle.
  • Subsequent IVF with ICSI cycles. 
  • IUI cycles.
  • Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET). 

Costs usually cover all blood tests and scans. They usually don’t include day surgery fees, anesthetics, and medications. Other costs to consider are:

  • Appointments with specialists
  • IVF medication
  • Genetic screening tests
  • Donor costs

Question #5: How long will I have to wait for fertility treatment?

Waiting times for fertility treatment can vary depending on which fertility Doctor you choose and whether you are a new or continuing patient, as some have longer wait times for appointments than others. However, once your doctor has compiled your treatment plan, you are ready to start.

If you are considering using egg donors for your fertility treatment, we can help. Central Egg Bank is proud to offer a premium egg donation program with no waitlist, allowing you to start your fertility journey without delay once the eggs arrive at your clinic. With a wide pool of readily available donors, you can find a suitable donor and begin the treatment process right away.

Question #6: Do you offer counselling?

Infertility treatment can be emotionally challenging, and having access to counselling services can make a huge difference to your mental health. Ask about the counselling services offered by the clinic and how they can support your emotional well-being.

If no counselling appointments are available, you can choose to speak to the Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association (ANZICA). They are clinical psychologists and social workers with specialist knowledge and experience in helping people cope with the emotional aspects of fertility treatment. 

Question #7: What happens if I don’t get pregnant?

It’s important to know what happens if your treatment is unsuccessful and what help is available to guide you through your choices. Usually, you can opt to commence treatment straight away depending on your treatment type or if you have a frozen embryo in storage. Or you can book an appointment with your doctor to discuss your next treatment in more detail. Your clinic will also offer counselling to support you through this difficult time.

If you are considering using donor eggs for your treatment, we are here to help.

At Central Egg Bank, we work with many IVF clinics, which you can find here. However, if your current clinic isn’t a partner, let us know, and we will contact them for you. Contact us to learn how we can help you on your fertility journey. 

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